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Living The Horse DOCUMENTARY

My goal is to help change the world for horses and humans, so we all experience more harmony. This film follows my path of the horse and the students of the horse. You might want some tissues handy, and I encourage you to find a quiet place to watch where you won't be interrupted. Paulette x


Living The Horse Online COURSE

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An incredible self-paced self-study course with the option of "add on" coaching. You're in control of your study journey!

  • Learn how to allow your intuition and your horse to guide you on how to connect and how to enjoy your time together.
  • Shift your life patterns with Personalised Practices that make your relationship with yourself feel GOOD!
  • Understand & communicate with your horse by finding an important, inspiring presence that sparks curiosity in your horse.
  • Bring your beliefs - about how to treat yourself & others (including your horse) - into alignment. Yes - you can be kind but important. You can be a leader who also listens. You and your horse both get a voice in your training.
  • It’s time to nurture yourself like never before 💗

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