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What if everything you’ve been told in the past about how to love and train your horse is wrong?

You already know it deep down - it's not asserting your dominance that helps get a happy, confident horse that is eager to please... it's listening to & understanding your horse & what their behaviour is really telling you. And having the confidence to respond in a way that’s interesting and inspiring!


It’s time to follow that feeling!


Your intuition (and your horse) are trying to show you a better way… just like the famous Ribbleton Foxy Lady (if you haven’t met her yet, don’t worry - you will soon!)

Are you ready to immerse yourself?

Living the Horse = Living in Happiness

Your new Horse Life awaits...


Ribbleton is unique. There is no other method the same, and that's because what we do ISN'T a method. It’s a way of being.

We're teaching you…
…how to be & FEEL enough to train your horse yourself
…how to REALLY understand what your horse is saying and how to reply to them! Yep a conversation where both sides get a say!
…how to translate this in the ‘arena’ (and every other moment you share with your horse)


In my free online clinic you'll know if Ribbleton is for you or not. If it resonates,  you’ll see...


  • How to end every training session on a high note, without bribery - no more treats, tricks, physical or mental pressure
  • Why your old horse trainers were wrong - gentleness is your biggest strengthnot a weakness!  We (and your horse) LOVE you for deciding to embrace this once and for all!
  • The secret to having your horse banging on the gate for training, not running away at the sight of a halter!
  • Why horse whispering is old school (outdated), and how to become a horse listener instead
  • How easy it is to gain confidence, feel important, and transform your relationship not only with your horse, but yourself
  • How you’ll save tonnes of $$$ on clinics, special gear, & trainers by investing in you
  •  AND How Living the Horse = Living in Happiness

"Connection Clinic" Webinar

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* 1 hour-long FREE training

* At Living The Horse we empower you to be the kind of human your horse sees as both important & inspiring! Someone who your horse is interested in, curious about, and keen to connect with!

* If you love what you feel, see & hear in our free training, then you can sign up for our very affordable short course.

Ribbleton's Founder Paulette Clark shares...

I started Ribbleton 30 years ago and specialise as a life coach, horse trainer & behaviorist. With my team of amazing coaches, we're on a mission to help you see the truth about what is really happening in your relationship with your horse. Because here's the thing - without the truth - you're never going to create the connection you desire. I'm talking about a connection that doesn't need gimmicks, that doesn't need treats, and that doesn't need pressure & release. Yep, WOW, I know. If only I knew this as a child. Instead, imagine a real connection, one that comes from the heart space. A connection that leaves you feeling so satisfied you're smiling peacefully. We specialize in teaching horse lovers online worldwide how to build a lifelong, satisfying relationship with a happy, confident horse that is eager to learn with you. And the major bonus.. the changes in you, personally, will blow your mind x

If you want to learn more about my journey, watch our award-winning documentary below. I'm really proud of it. Make sure to have some tissues ready.

Watch our award winning documentary "Living The Horse"

Our students recall what moved them to work with us...


Where do I begin? My horse Einstein “E” developed laminitis July 2020. I was at a loss. I knew in my heart that something had to change. One day I was scrolling through FB and a video popped up. I thought to myself, what do I have to lose? Well, the thing that I heard was: Your horse is expressing how it feels to be with you.
My heart sank. The pinned ears, the scrunched nose, the throwing head, the balking, and no desire to be with me — That was E screaming at me to change.
I made the leap and joined the online course. This is not just a horse course, it’s a human course. My life and relationships are now fulfilled with love in between and harmony. 



My life-changing moment watching Paulette and Foxy’s story video, just giving horses a choice, seeing the difference in their eyes, feeling their heart, and understanding these changes can impact a horse's health wellness and even body shape .. I wanted that for my boy too, I wanted that sort of relationship, connection, no force, and lots of conversations :-)



I was on a search for answers for my horse and me, and started getting emails from you. I don’t remember the exact content, but I do know it 100% confirmed what I felt to be true with horses but wasn’t in the environment for that truth to be heard and honestly I’m not sure I had the courage to speak it at that time anyway. Learning to listen, to work on my issues, and to simply be with my horses has changed everything, and our lives continue to evolve and deepen as a result of this work.



I’ve thought a lot about what lead me to Ribbleton and what spoke to me enough to commit to this program. My journey here I have said was about helping Tate, but I realize it was also about helping myself. Finding that I was no longer the confident horsewoman I had always been and that I now feared being hurt by a horse who had issues, but that in the not too distant past I would have been able to both physically & mentally work with was devastating for me. Not being confident in my ability to work with Tate is what led me to look for help from others which was failing for both of us. The Ribbleton message that I was enough and could train Tate myself was just what I needed to hear. More than that, hearing that I would learn to build connection and trust with her was HUGE for me. Everything inside me said this is the answer for you both, take a chance, so I let my heart lead me. The communication and trust I have with my horses now is incredible and all are filled with contentment and peace.



A video popped up on my FB feed, I’d NEVER heard anyone talk to their horses how you did: as equal beings, treating them with such respect, obvious love and dignity…I was riveted and captivated and have never looked back.

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