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Unblock The Path To Connection Online Course



THE MODULES - released one a day for 7 days

Module 1: The Truth About Horses

How the ways we’re traditionally taught is HURTING not helping them

Module 2: What's In It For The Horse?

How to create a vision for your horse that empowers and inspires them

Module 3: Your Patterns & How Your horse Mirrors Them

How to identify your exact unique “stuff” that’s holding you back

Module 4: Horse Listening & Leadership

How to listen to understand your horse, instead of listen to make them bend to your will

Module 5: Unblock Your Mind energy

How your mind can work with you (not against you) to help you connect with your horse

Module 6: Unblock Your Body energy

How your physical energy can attract or repel your horse or create a pushy "in your face" horse

Module 7: Taking Action

Join our exclusive Living the Horse HERD Community as our guest!!! Connect with like-minded Attuned Ribbleton Students around to globe and introduce us to your herd.

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* An interactive AWARENESS exercise

We’ll guide you towards awareness of what’s really happening for you and your horse - this is the starting point of any journey!

* New learning to DISCOVER and workshops to watch

We’ll help you open up and understand new perspectives through interviews, theory lessons, and by meeting our students. Your eye will be opened in a new and inspiring way!

* CONNECT through a guided practical exercise

We’ll give you a practical exercise for you to connect deeper to the topic and to be able to practice away from the computer screen.

* REFLECT & design your unique path forward

We’ll help you create the vision of how you want your horse life to be so that it’s easy to create the shifts you’re seeking.


By enrolling in this course, I agree to and accept the following:

✅ I enroll with an open heart & mind, committed to my horse and a path to connecting with them, and ready to learn! 

✅ I understand that you’ve taken many years to develop and perfect the knowledge & education in this course, and I agree to treat the teachings with the utmost respect.

✅ I understand that the more I share, the more Ribbleton can help me, and I give you my word that I’ll complete all of the training sessions, fully participate in the program, and give it my best.

✅ I understand that this journey is going to be intensive but that it is equally transformational and hopeful work, and I’m up for the challenge!

What People Are Saying:

I took the Ribbleton Unblock the Path to Connection course because I was looking for a deeper connection with my horses. What distinguishes this course from other programs is the focus on you. Other programs offer knowledge and techniques but Unblock the Connection centers on how you can become more congruent as a person. What quickly became apparent to me during this course is how relying on tools and trying to be a “good leader”, even if done with kindness, does not allow you to experience a deep and honest relationship with your horse. This connection occurs when the inner and outer you matches who your horse experiences when you are with them. This course has had a life-changing effect on me and my horses. The support of the Ribbleton staff is wonderful as well and key to the success of the program.


I fell in love with Ralf, a handsome, sensitive, athletic gelding. So much in love that I bought him. After some months I had a reactive, spooky horse, that bucked me off. Only once, and I was not injured, but the incident opened the door to fear. And also the door to loneliness. Although I had experienced trainers and horse people to turn to, the advices did not help. I felt alone and ashamed, ashamed for not being able to handle and change the situation. I criticised myself and I criticised Ralf. It got worse, he did not want to be with me. The time together was neither fun nor relaxing, for none of us. The Ribbleton connection course really opened up a new understanding of what was going on between me and Ralf. I realised I had not really seen or listened to him. I thought I had, but I hadn't. I did not know how to truly listen at a deeper level. Sounds a bit stupid, being a person who says she loves horses, but I had not really understood that horses are such individuals and that it is as important to them being listened to as it is to us humans. The truth was that I was in love with a handsome Ralf, that I still after several months did not know so much about, did not have the skills to communicate with, and I thought that did not matter to him. The course also made me more aware of how my own inner state of being greatly affects the connection between me and Ralf. Yes, of course horses and humans affect each other, I knew that, but had not realised the great significance of it, the crucial importance to my horse that I listen to what is going on inside me. The course has made a huge difference. I do not feel alone, in fear. During the seven days, I started to feel hope. I got a glimpse of how to listen and learn who Ralf is, what is important to him, a glimpse of how to be open to connection with him. And I think he has started to like me, to be with me, my new me. It really warms my heart when I think of that. Thank you so, so much, this meant the world to us, me and my wonderful gelding, it has really made a change.


If you love your horse and you love yourself then you must study with Paulette Clark and her amazing life lessons in her Ribbleton course “Unblock the Path to connection“, it is life-changing, it is profound. What you always felt in your heart, is attainable with your horse when you take this course. Each one of us is unique and each one of our horses is unique, through kindness, understanding, empathy and yes connection, this course will guide you through a life-changing experience that will make you cry, laugh, and yes rejoice that finally someone can show you the way to understanding and communicating with your horse and everyone around you! Thank you, Paulette, and your amazing team! My horses thank you and so does my husband!


It was so easy to point my finger at my horse for the problems I was having with her. What I valued most about investing in myself and my sweet horse by taking the "Unblock the Path to Connection" course was the one-on-one mentoring that helped ME unblock which alleviated the problem I was experiencing with my horse! (The Ribbleton Team has AMAZING mentors!) I learned from each day's lesson how to S L O W down, get out of being so "busy in my head", and gain better "mind/body" connection, so that I actually COULD establish the beautiful beginnings of REAL connection with my horse = Priceless!!! (My happier horse gives "4 hooves up!" to Paulette and the Ribbleton Team )


$197.00 USD

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